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Useful Links


  • FAOSTAT– Innovative tools for visualization and basic statistical analysis
  • Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)– Accessible, leading-edge crop breeding tools and services
  • International Plant Phenotyping Network– An association to increase the visibility and impact of plant phenotyping and enable cooperation by fostering communication between stakeholders in academia, industry, government and the general public.
  • International Wheat Yield Partnership– A global partnership with an aim to create impact worldwide, in breeding programs and most importantly in farmers’ fields
  • Monitoring African food and agricultural policies– FAO policy monitoring system produces a range of analytical documents to support evidence-based policymaking in their partner countries. These include country reports and commodity-specific technical notes.
  • Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew– Throughout its history, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has made important contributions to increasing the understanding of the plant kingdom with many benefits for mankind.
  • Rust Tracker– The primary web portal for global cereal rust surveillance and monitoring information.
  • Wheat Atlas– An online portal to diverse information on wheat production, markets and research, with particular focus on the developing countries.
  • Wheat initiative– An information resource for the Wheat Initiative and a forum for the international wheat research community.

Data Resources:

  • Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) Knowledge Center– The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) is an international consortium of over 1,000 scientists from hundreds of institutions working together to reduce the world’s vulnerability to stem, yellow, and leaf rusts of wheat; it facilitates sustainable international partnerships to contain the threat of wheat rusts; and enhance world productivity to withstand global threats to wheat security.
  • CIMMYT Australia ICARDA Germplasm Evaluation (CAIGE) Data – The CAIGE project evaluates CIMMYT and ICARDA germplasm primarily by Australian and CGIAR wheat breeders and wheat scientists
  • CIMMYT Wheat Germplasm Bank Data– The CIMMYT Wheat Germplasm Bank contains nearly 140,000 unique accessions of wheat and related species from more than 100 countries and is one of the largest unified collections for a single crop.
  • International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN) Data – The International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN) distributes CIMMYT-bred improved bread wheat and durum wheat to cooperators and partners, upon required, worldwide. Data provided on the distributed germplasm from 1976 to the present, is available on this site, and upon request from CIMMYT.
  • International Winter Wheat Improvement Program Data – International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP) is a joint program between the Government of Turkey, CIMMYT and ICARDA. The Program develops winter/facultative wheat germplasm for Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA).
  • Genetic Resources Information System (GRIS) – GRIS provides a pedigree and gene registry for global wheat and triticale germplasm.
  • Seeds of Discovery: Germinate – Germinate provides queryable phenotypic, genotypic, passport, and collection site data about germplasm bank accessions and other related wheat germplasm used in the MasAgro Biodiversidad / Seeds of Discovery initiative.